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You want to sleep, find time for fitness, get a handle on your stress, stop being so cranky, give more love to your partner, find some 'me-time', the list piles up! With, kids, work, running a life, How does anyone ever find time for themselves?

The overwhelm is real and I can help you! Tired mamas hire me to help them reduce stress and create sustainable self-care habits so that they feel replenished and balanced. As a yoga therapist I give them an organized tool kit of practices that include essential oils, movements, meditations and mindset options they learn to create space for in their day

What I offer:

Work with me and you will feel, rested, strong and self-connected. I am a yoga therapist who teaches you how to use self-care so you reduce your stress and achieve your goals/desires. Wellness strategies include essential oils, movement, meditation and mindset practices. Check out how you can work with me here.    

 Jen Wende, Wellness Coach - Montreal

You will love working with me if you’re interested in:

  • Playful and integrative wellness tools,
  • Little things that make the big differences. Proof: Baby = a little, big difference!
  • Being honest, and nourishing with yourself.

Learn more on who I am, and what I'm all about HERE
The best way to see if we fit is to contact me

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Jen Wende web sized pictures.jpg

Jen Wende

Jen Wende

Hi! I’m Jen Wende

I have a lot of titles and if you are into knowing that kind of stuff then please click here to be taken to my official bio. It’s impressive. If you are more into knowing what I’m all about underneath the titles, then stay here and keep reading.


  • Health is a balanced combination of physical, mental, energetic, and social well-being.
  • To live vibrantly, we need to approach how our physical bodies move and are nourished, how we manage our stress, and how we connect with ourselves and our surroundings.
  • Our time is important. We need to easily and effectively integrate nourishing practices into our day outside of our allotted fitness time.
  • It is always easier to prevent health issues, than to fix them. Preventive measures create the ability to thrive rather than merely survive. 
  • Clear communication and practical applications help you understand what you need to do and why you need to do it.
  • Creating lasting change doesn’t happen over night, takes practice and awareness in sustainability.
 Jen Wende Wellness Specialist


  • I am a mom. a.k.a. super hero. I have a super power of holding emotional space, organization and patience. 
  • I have travelled a lot. Applying my love of exploration and discovery to my work keeps me intuitive and adaptable.
  • I was a puppeteer. Playfulness helps me create a nourishing, fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • I practice what I teach. I have changed my life in ways I never imagined by implementing what I learn. I’m not perfect, like all of us, I’m a work in progress. The continual practice is what keeps me thriving. 
  • To read my Road to Becoming Wellness Specialist, click here.
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I had chronic back pain. I’d tried doctors, a chiropractor, adopting a holistic lifestyle, but nothing helped. Then after another discouraging visit to the chiropractor, I stopped to get a green juice and saw Jen’s card. I picked it up, gave her a call, and after just one 30 minute Reiki session with her, I felt a change.

Then came the hard work—I had to change my mindset if I was going to overcome the pain. And I’d say the greatest challenge was getting in touch with the pain. Sometimes it was so painful I couldn’t even sit or stand, but once I acknowledged the pain, it went away.

To help me through the process, Jen used a variety of methods—Reiki, Yoga therapy, meditation, and then sometimes (if she noticed I was in a talkative mood) she’d dive deeper by just asking me questions. Regardless of what method she choose, they all worked, and not long after starting, I’d recovered my health. Not only that, but I felt stronger emotionally and mentally.

In such a short time, Jen healed me completely—healed my whole life and gave me back my alignment, energy, and love for life. I can’t thank her enough!
— Marie-Eve,
marie eve
I’d been one of Jen’s Pilates students for a while, so when she mentioned that she was offering a course on chakras, I knew I had to sign up. Not only had I always wanted to explore each chakra, but I’d also wanted to practice something that involved meditation, spirituality, and yoga. So I knew this was something I couldn’t miss.

The best thing about the course was that Jen gave us so many different ways to practice—meditation, guided meditation, breathing, yoga, theory, etc. And then we could choose the way or ways that worked best for us. Learning these different approaches mixed in with the information and basics of each chakra, gave me a different way to think about and listen to my body. And now, I’m more in tune, more aware, more focused, and I think differently about things. You could say, I’ve adopted a whole new lifestyle based on what I learned.

Now, the hardest part for me was definitely turning off the outside world and getting into the zone, but with Jen’s help I was able to work through it and walk away with a new way of living.
— Gayle
Jen has helped me get my life on a better track with restorative yoga, Thai massage and now Pilates. She is a wonderfully knowledgeable and empathetic instructor, and genuinely supportive and encouraging in helping me expand my limits. Over the past year she has helped me de-stress and re-energize so that I’m not just “surviving” but actually setting ambitious goals. I have total trust and admiration in this lovely lady and recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone interested in improving their mental and physical well-being.
— Pamela