Community Connections

I love creating community. The ability to learn from different sources helps with allowing us to gain different voices, perspectives and ideas so we can create what resonates for ourselves. Here is a list of incredible people and businesses I have had the pleasure to collaborate with.

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Yoga Tune up®

Yoga Tune Up® was created by the incredible Jill Miller. I am honoured to be a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher. If you are looking to gain knowledge about your body, alignment and how to take pro-active self care. You can read my latest YTU blogs here. 

Yoga Dork

Yoga Dork is a fun blog place for yogis to talk yoga and yoga related things. If you are looking for some of the latest yoga news and with some humour set in this is the place for you. You can read my latest blog here

Fempire BUILDErs

Samantha King is a wonderful support for entrepreneurial women. Her Fempire Builders blog is loaded with well-rounded advice to empower a healthy business. You can read my latest Fempire blog here

A yogi mama's GUide

Jenny B is a doula yoga and yoga specialist with your pre and post natal needs. Her Yogi Mama's Guide has beautiful discussions on motherhood from a yogic perspective. You can read me latest Yogi Mama blog here.