Welcome to Lesson 2: Breathe! 

The breath is your best tool to gain information on your stress levels, as well as, the best way to calm your nervous system.

To complete the lesson: 

  • Watch the introduction video. 
  • Read the PDF
  • Complete the exercise
  • Listen to the bonus
 Click here to access today's PDF on the breath!

Click here to access today's PDF on the breath!


Breath Surveillance:

  • Observe your breath during different situations.
    • Do you notice times when you are holding your breath?
    • When do you feel you are breathing with ease and comfort? When does it feel laboured?
    • Where do you notice your breath the in the body? Chest? Belly? Elsewhere?
    • Are there any connections to your quality of breath and a particular situation?


Enjoy this breath practice (yogic complete breathe and double down breathing) by using this 10 minute guided audio meditation. 

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