Welcome to Lesson 4: Connect!

Today we connect with our mindsets, creating a foundation for mental well-being. 

To complete this lesson: 

  • Watch the welcome video
  • Read the PDF
  • Complete the exercises
  • Enjoy the bonus
 Click the image above to access today's PDF on mindset

Click the image above to access today's PDF on mindset


Thought Jot

  • Notice and write down in your journal your thoughts for the day. The following are tips on what to write:
    • Typical running commentary of the day. Example; weather, community, society, world issues.
    • Thoughts on your health, food, situation, appearance, actions, desires, fear reality.
    • Thoughts on others, how they act, what they do.

Quality Query

  • Using your Thought Jot notes, answer the following questions:
    • What percentage of thoughts are uplifting or positive?
    • What percentage are draining, inflated, judgemental or negative?
    • What percentage are solely task orientated? 
    • What percentage are just gossip or garbage?

Thought Exchange

  • When a thought arises which hinders your well-being. Basically any thought which isn't uplifting:
    • Cancel the thought as soon as you are aware. Literally saying 'cancel that thought' or 'delete that thought'
    • Replace it with a new thought which enhances your wellbeing. Example: I have not time to do what I need to do = I always have the perfect amount of time to accomplish what I need. 


Set a timer for 1 minute and write out what you are grateful for. Read the list back to yourself. Take a moment to feel gratitude for yourself. 
A wonderful wellness practice to work towards is listing 3-5 things you are grateful for at the end of each day. I integrate this by sharing my gratitude list with my daughter during our bedtime routine.

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