how to be a connected mama

It is really difficult to set boundaries when are a mother because the needs of your little ones become priority. Craving a deeper connection with ourselves is a natural desire when it is difficult to get alone time, self-care is sparse and energy is low by the time you do get to nurture yourself. Guess what? Yup, I have another solution, and you are going to love it.

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Read the Connected Mama Tool Kit
  • Complete the action steps
Click image to access Connected Mama Tool Kit

Click image to access Connected Mama Tool Kit

action steps

  • Set an intention that makes you feel like a connected mama. Write and repeat the affirmation, "Nourishing myself, nourishes my family".
  • BONUS: Use aromatically or topically essential oils which enhance self-care, self-worth or connection, such as Bergamot, Ylang-ylang, or Geranium.  
  • Watch the 'How To' video below to get clear and excited to use the Wellness Habit Tracker! You can PRINT YOUR TRACKER HERE. 

To enjoy accountability, keep learning and be supported in your wellness journey join my Facebook community group! It's also a wonderful place to share how you doing with becoming a nourished mama.