how to be a connected mama

It is really difficult to set boundaries when are a mother because the needs of your little ones become priority. Craving a deeper connection with ourselves is a natural desire when it is difficult to get alone time, self-care is sparse and energy is low by the time you do get to nurture yourself. Guess what? Yup, I have another solution, and you are going to love it.

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Read the Connected Mama Tool Kit
  • Complete the action steps
 Click image to access Connected Mama Tool Kit

Click image to access Connected Mama Tool Kit

action steps

  • Set an intention that makes you feel like a connected mama. Write and repeat the affirmation, "Nourishing myself, nourishes my family".
  • Watch the 'How To' video below to get clear and excited to use the Wellness Habit Tracker! You can PRINT YOUR TRACKER HERE. 
  • BONUS: Use aromatically or topically essential oils which enhance self-care, self-worth or connection, such as Bergamot, Ylang-ylang, or Geranium.  

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