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How the class works: 

The class is super fun and informative. Your hosts are myself and my wonderful colleague Jennifer Kruidbos, we are quite the dynamic duo, lol! It includes 1 hour worth of video, 1 full PDF guide and 1 Health Goal form to help identify how essential oils can help support your wellness. After submitting your email and confirming your participation, you will receive the direct link to begin day 1. You can contact me directly with any questions when may arise along the way, or reach out to my community facebook group. 

What you will learn during this class

Day 1: 

  • What essential oils are,
  • Why essential oils are useful, 
  • Essential oil safety, 
  • How to use essential oils.

Day 2: 

  • 10 different essential oils and their uses. 
  • How do you wish essential oils to support your wellness

Day 3:

  • My preferred top quality brand
  • Where and how to buy essential oils
  • How to purchase oils at a wholesale discount
  • How to earn free products
  • Ways to share your essential oils love

Now is your chance to empower your wellness!
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