5 days of Holiday self-Care!

The holiday's are amazing, and can be even better when we remember give to ourselves as well. When you nourish your self-care you set yourself up for

I went live in my facebook community group for 5 days in a row to talk about how to implement self-care easily and effectively into your holidays. Here are the 5 videos, raw and uncut, for you to watch. They are fun, casual and full of amazing information!

Day 1: Mindset

  • How to create a mantra by looking at how we want to feel when the holidays are over and some of our triggers which occur during the holiday season.
  • A visualization to help us prepare us to keep our self-care through any holiday drama before we are in it.
  • 3 movements and mantras to give us a power boost! The movements open up our shoulders releasing tension and uplift our moods while the mantras support our awesome holidays!

Day 2: Emotional Wellness

  • We did an exercise to explore the subtle sensations associated with emotions so we can grow awareness of the first signals that emotions are rising.
  • Learned tools to help emotions release and stay balanced.
    • Essential oils 
    • The breath
    • Our physical posture, hand gestures
    • Our nutrition choices

Day 3: Physical Wellness

  • How to curve your cravings and how to take care of your digestive system after you've indulged
  • Feet. Nourishing your tootsies will help nourish your entire body.
  • Move more and differently. Use massage balls to help keep the circulation flowing when sitting for long periods of time during travel

Day 4: Restoration

  • A simple routine you can adopt for bed time and awake time.
  • A wonderful restorative breath practice.
  • 2 restorative yoga poses you can use, for you and something for the whole family to help calm the kiddies.
  • Essential oils to help support your restoration.

Day 5: Connection

  • Today we did a loving kindness meditation to help with our connection to ourselves, loved ones and the world at large.