Welcome to Lesson 5: Integrate

Our final lesson ties the program together, giving you an understanding of how to work with the tools you have discovered on a regular basis. 

To complete this lesson:

  • Watch the welcome video
  • Read the PDF
  • Complete the exercises
  • Enjoy the bonus
 Click the image above to read today's PDF on integration through meditation

Click the image above to read today's PDF on integration through meditation


Pieces of Peace

  • As you move throughout your day, notice the times where you have moments of peace. Examples of what peace feels like could be when your thoughts take a pause and you are enjoying the present moment. Perhaps it's a moment when you step outside in the sun, maybe it's a moment when you wake up, clean the house or ride the bus. Notice anything and everything that makes you feel peace, no matter how fleeting a moment it may be. 

Tool Kit

  • When you have moments of stress, what tools help you move past that stress and into peace? Example, a breath practice, movement, or exchanging thoughts. 
  • Write down the situation and the tool used (or you want to use) and create yourself your own wellness tool kit!


Prana Drains and Gains

  • Another way to look at the exercises you have done are to notice what actions/people/events either drain you or lift you up. You can either check in every hour on what has helped you feel good and what has drained you of your energy, or at the end of the day write down what you have noticed. The goal is to eventually trade what drains you, to what adds to your life.


It's a wonderful and big deal that you accomplished these lessons and are moving towards a more vibrant life. It is also just the beginning of something which can help you empower your wellbeing. I am humble and grateful to have the opportunity to share this journey with you. I look forward to continuing to support you in anyway I can. To begin, you will receive a monthly email from me filled with tools and insights to nourish your wellness. You can check out my weekly blog / vlog posts, join my facebook community group or follow me on social media. My wellness studio continues to grow with free and paid content. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I always love to hear from you. May you be well, and always remember to BREATHE, MOVE and CONNECT. 

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