Mindful mama Movement challenge!

10 days to release tensions, enhance posture and feel better in your body.

Running around after kids, long hours sedentary at work, the daily duties of life, seasonal changes, they all take their toll. We are left with poor physical habits and patterns that keep us feeling stiff, full of tension and just kinda blah or disconnected from our bodies. 

When was the last time you felt really wonderful in your body? More than likely you had come out of a fitness or yoga class, or done something active that took a good hour or more of your time. I know you don't always have that kind of time to dedicate to yourself daily. The Mindful Mama Movement challenge will teach you mini-exercises and mindset practices, you can integrate into your daily life to keep your body feeling and functioning at its best. By the end of our 10 days together you will have a deeper, loving connection with your body, understand how to relieve tensions and enhance your posture.

**Watch the video below to get a deeper sense of how amazing this work can be!

This challenge is for you if you: 

  • Desire to feel better in your body,
  • Are ready to integrate more mindful movement into your life,
  • Want to increase your movement intelligence and enhance your posture. 
  • Would like to 'clear the cobwebs' and refresh your movement patterns,
  • Want to connect to how your body supports your emotional well-being,
  • Are looking to release tensions and stress.  

This challenge is NOT for you if you are:

  • Looking for a weight loss solution.
  • Looking to 'shred', 'burn' or other intense physical body exercise terms. 

Ready for a physical refresh? We begin May 28th 2018


We begin May 28th, 2018

Our FREE 10 day challenge plan

Each day you will receive:

  • Video instructions with the goal of the day,
  • An affirmation / mantra, 
  • A short movement practice. 

The entire challenge is kept compact aiming to spend five minutes or less of your time. 

Day 1: Observation check-in

We begin the challenge by observing how we feel in our body. We want to start noticing our physical habits, patterns and thoughts on the subject of our body and movement. You will receive a guidebook to prompt you on what you are looking for. 

Day 2: Beneficial Breath

Our breath mechanics can effect more than our stress and nervous system, it can affect our core strength as well. Today’s challenge is focused on deep physical health through our respiratory muscles.

Day 3: Core Connect

All movement stems from our centre. If our core is disconnected our body needs to compensate for that, back pain any one? This means a loss of power both physically and energetically. We'll go through how to align our body to create our inner and outer strength.

Day 4: Hip Health

Our hips are the hinging centre piece of our body. Our sedentary, sitting lives wreak havoc on our lovely hip flexors making them weaker and tighter, which can affect the rest of your body. The challenge today will have you stretch and strengthen this vital area.

Day 5: Get those Gluts

The biggest muscle in the human body is your gluteus maximus, a.k.a your bum. We are all looking for our jeans to lift it, yet we seldom tap into its stabilizing abilities while walking and moving, instead it stays flaccid. Today's challenge will have you accessing those gluteus muscles to propel you forward. 

Day 6: Foot Fabulous

Our feet house 25% of the muscles and bones in our body. Their dexterity is rarely used and so important to how our body moves overall. Many women experience foot pain which causes them to reduce movement in their entire body. Today's challenge will get your tootsies flowing and feeling fabulous. 

Day 7: Shoulder Serenity

The shoulders love to hold our stress and tension. Today our challenge is to melt away tension, create shoulder mobility and open our hearts to letting go of what no longer serves us. 

Day 8: Wonderful Wrists


Wrist health is often overlooked. We mangle our wrists in all sorts of ways carrying kids, groceries, texting, typing, cooking sleeping and more. Your wrists also directly affect the health of our shoulders. Today's challenge is perfect to do as a quick stretch break at work or home. 

Day 9: Neck needs

The neck goes through the wringer. The more we tilt our head forward and down the heavier our head is for our poor neck. This causes all sorts of pain and strain. Today's challenge is focusing on the needs of our necks. We will challenge our posture and knead the needs. 

Day 10: Marvellous mindful movement

On our final challenge day we integrate what we've learned into one mini-routine. You officially are a mindful mama mover!


*Note: You have access to the challenge for 21 days. You gain access to the nest lesson after the previous has been completed.