Welcome to Lesson 3: Move!

We only have one body. With our longer life spans it is increasingly more important to take care of it. Moving more and better will keep your body healthier and happier. 

To complete today's lesson: 

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Read the PDF
  • Complete the exercises
  • Watch the bonus video
 Click here to access today's PDF on physical movement

Click here to access today's PDF on physical movement


Maintenance Inspection

  • Write down your answers in a journal to gain a greater perspective of your physical wellness
    • How many times/hours a day do you move vs staying stagnant?
    • What type of preventative health appointments do you have and how often?
    • Are you aware of when your 'engine lights' turn on? Meaning, do you know when your body is in need of a 'tune up'?
    • What type of care do you think your body is?
    • Are you happy how your car functions? Do you want an upgrade?

Movement Moments

  • The following are tips to adding more movement into your life. Choose 1 to begin layering in more movements into your life. 
    • How many times can you change position during the day?
    • Set an alarm to go off every hour (or less!) so you can move and stretch. 
    • If you are working at a desk, do you have a standing option?
    • Add 'walk and talk' meetings with your colleges and friends instead of email.
    • If you are at home, how can you use your home to facilitate more movement? Can you move during TV commercials, take the stairs a few more times, hover and squat before sitting?
    • Stay standing on public transport. 
    • What else can you think of? 


Watch the following video for cues on how to stand with physical alignment, and how this can help you move better. Thr infographic is a wonderful quick check list! 

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