LIVING A nourished mama LIFESYLE

You did it! You have learned the foundations of how to be a nourished mama. You know how to:

  • Rest without sleep,
  • Strengthen your body outside of exercise time,
  • Connect to your deeper self through the 7 essential wellness activities, 
  • Empower your and your family's well-being using essential oils. 

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Now that you are educated on how to be a nourished mama, here comes the challenge, continuing to enhance your lifestyle with the tools you've learned and LIVING a nourished mama lifestyle. We've come to the end of the program, and the beginning of how I can guide you to empower your well-being and live as an inspiring example for yourself and family. 

To complete the course:

  • Watch the Next Steps video,
  • Download and print the Nourished Mama Inspirational Poster below to put next to your Wellness Habit Tracker. Whenever you need a boost, read the poster!
  • Complete the action steps. 
 Click image to access the inspirational poster

Click image to access the inspirational poster


  • Share with me how this experience helped you. You can email me at
  • Share this free program with your friends and on social media to help change the well-being of mamas all of the world!
  • KEEP LEARNING! I have incredible online programs to offer you. Click here to take a look at the juicy offerings!  Remember, you are not alone. It takes a village to raise a nourished mama! Let me continue to be part of your village.

Be well Nourished Mama!!