Welcome Mama!

Become a Nourished Mama!

You are officially a super-hero. Being a mother is an incredibly beautiful and wild ride. So many awesome moments and interesting challenges added to your life.  As moms, our role to nurture our family tends to push our own personal wellness needs to the bottom of the list. We suffer, and our family suffers. Somedays it is important that we take a back seat, other days it is because we have forgotten, or maybe we never really knew how to take care of ourselves in the first place. You cannot give from and empty cup! Taking care of yourself is central to the health of you and your family. Being a mom and taking care of yourself are not mutually exclusive. They are complimentary! This is why I am here.  To help you integrate practices into your daily life that nurture your well-being, creating a more rested, stronger, connected and energetic you. We do this using techniques from yoga therapy, pilates, wellness coaching, self-massage and essential oils. 

It takes a village to raise a mama, let me be a part of yours.  

What is inside the FREE nourished mama program. 

Learn the foundations of how to be a nourished mama. We cover 4 areas:

  • Rested Mama: Learn to rejuvenate without sleep and release stress build up, 
  • Strong Mama: Strengthen your body outside of exercise time by using these principles to intelligent movement daily.
  • Connected Mama: Connect to yourself outside of being a mom, and enjoy a deeper sense of well-being through the use of this 7 essential wellness activity formula, 
  • Essential Mama: Empower your and your family's well-being using essential oils.

Each lesson comes complete with Videos, a printable Tool Kit Booklet and step by step actions to take. The lessons are compact to honour your mama time needs. You can keep track of what you learned and how confident your feel using the practices with the Nourished Mama Action Book included in the program.

You receive a lesson every week so you have time to learn and implement. All it take is 10 minutes a few times a week! Becoming a nourished mama doesn't happen over night. We layer on nourishing habits one at a time. It should feel delicious, and NOT like another chore

This is MUST have education for all mamas! Sign up below. Can't wait to share it with you :-)