Today we begin with what essential oils are, why you want to use them to support your wellness, essential oil safety and 4 specific ways on how to use them.

The entire class one hour long, spread over the 3 days. Have a full hour at your disposal and want to enjoy the class all at once? Click here to be taken to youtube for the all-in-1 viewing

At the end of each video we encourage interaction with asking you questions. We would love to here from you! Simply let us know your answers, or any questions you may have, in an email: jen@jenwende.com or share them with the Essential Mama community group.

Enjoy the class! 

Meet Jen & Jen your hosts for the oils class. Learn why they started to use oils and why they love them.
Jen and Jen educate on what essential oils are.
Now we know what essential oils are, why should we use them?
Learn from our mistakes! How to use essential oils wisely and safely. When is doubt, always consult an expert.
Learn 4 ways to easily enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Stay tuned for DAY 2!

You will learn about the benefits of 10 different oils and a variety of ways to apply them to your life. 
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