Essential Education

This page is all about education! The more you understand about essential oils, and how to use them, the more you will be able to easily integrate them into your life, empowering your health. This place is filled with information! Take it one step at a time, otherwise it can get overwhelming. I am continuously updating and adding to this page so if you have something specific you would like to see, just ask! Remember you can access the Welcome to Doterra page here, and the Business Support page here.

Below are also the official links to DōTerra's most popular way of learning:

  • PRODUCT TIPS BLOG - An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or products success stories. 
  • SCIENCE BLOG - Love this blog with it's accessible science for all, even kids can learn here!
  • YOU TUBE CHANNEL - Where all of DōTerra's official videos of all kinds live.
  • PINTEREST - See a beautiful array of helpful tips and information
  • PRODUCT INFORMATION PAGES - You can find the information page for all of the essential oils here. Great to do some research on individual oils. 


In the bigger picture, all of my clients have access to my essential oils mentor and team leader Elena Brower. If you haven't heard of her, she is a pillar in the yoga and meditation community, and an essential oils powerhouse. You are welcome to join the incredible support website she has created, called Essential Practice. You will find so much amazing education and aid here. Take advantage of this offering!. 


The following guides are a great place to start your reading: 


This next section has videos & their accompanying PDF handout so you can learn the multitude of ways essential oils can integrate into your life.

Watch Jen & Jen geek out on essential oils! Learn: What essential oils are, how and why you use them, oils safety, 10 different oils and their uses, how to buy and about our favourite brand doterra!  CLICK HERE to download & follow along with the complete ESSENTIAL OILS GUIDE