Welcome to the team!

Deciding to build a business with DōTerra is an incredible gift to give yourself. To me, this business has nourished me beyond my financial goals or wellness intentions and has helped me transform as a person. 

So, you are ready to build, now how do you start? First, I am always here to support you in anyway I can. I have created this page to help you begin step by step. You also have access to the membership page I created for customers and the product information page. As you grow your business you can always send the links to these support pages to your own customers and builders until the day you feel like creating your own videos or team support needs. 

Stage 1: Arrival & Prepare

Now that you have made the commitment, you are set with your monthly 100pv LRP it is time we begin with understanding how the business works, defining your goals, learning the best way to approach success and discovering how we can sabotage our growth! 

Step 1: 

Get paid! Set up your driect deposit account. Fill out this form and send it to DōTerra address provided. 

Business Overview: This 20 minute overview is lead by our amazing upline leader Elena Brower. Watch it as many times as you need to start to understand the business. My favourite take away from this video is to simply play and get to know your oils. The more you explore the oils, the more you will fall in love with them and begin to share your love naturally and authentically.

Join the Essential Practice FB group. This group is run by our upline leader Elena Brower and is your doterra builder community. 

You can download the PDF used in this video here so you can give a business overview to your next builder! Wonderful tools from DōTerra is the Share & Build guides which will help you share the opportunity with others who are thinking about the business.

Make a list of 100 people to ask! To get you started on sharing, write down 100 people that you could possible ask. Some of them may feel was to talk to, others may feel difficult. Try not to judge what they will think of the oils, simply write down their names. If you are having trouble thinking of people use this memory jogger worksheet


One of the biggest aids and obstacles throughout your business journey will be your mindset. Honestly, this business is 90% personal growth work. Reminding yourself of your 'why' will be the best way to keep you connected and motivated. The following are a few of my favourite worksheets. You can find them, and many more tools at Share Success, a fantastic website filled with tools to help you build a successful business. I highly recommend checking out the website

1. Find your why
2. Goals
3. Affirmation statements
4. Branding yourself worksheet


Learning and being inspired by some of the best people in this business is helpful and inspiring. The creators of Edge Success, another fantastic DõTerra business system has an audio with clear ways to approach your business. You can listen to them below. *Note: They may take a few moments to or download play due to the file size. You do not need to keep clicking

Step 4: Discover your ULP's

Remember that building this business has a direct correlation to your own personal growth. You can encounter what I call ULP's along the way. READ: The BIG LEAP by Gay Hendricks!!! Seriously, this is required reading. Get to know how you work with allowing yourself to expand beyond your limitations, and how you react when things aren't going your way. I am here to help! If you close down I can't help you, so keep open, authentic communication with me, with the fb community, or someone who can help. We have all been in your shoes! Together we can help you create the successful business you wish for!

Step 5: Mentorship

My favourite thing about working with DōTerra is the mentorship I give and receive. Elena posts her weekly office hours on the facebook group, join them! As I grow I will also be adding more office hours to connect. Contact me as many times as you want so we can talk about your needs. Myself and our team has been loving the work of Deb Erickson and her ICAN institute. She has lots of free content, as well as, paid programs to help you excel in this business. Deb is THE REAL DEAL! I have done her programs. They are truly transformational and honestly, the best investment you could make, so check her out. Yes, it is up to you to build your business, AND you are not alone!! Take part in as much mentorship as possible, it will help you beyond DōTerra! :-) 

Stage 2: Organization

Sharing the oils with love and authenticity is a beautiful thing. To transfer that beauty into the ability to generate income and reach your goals you want to get organized. That's what this section is all about! DōTerra has created incredible tools to help you LAUNCH (click for the guide). I also enjoy the incredible library of worksheets and guides from Share Success.

Step 1: LAUNCH (Preparation)

In stage 1 we set our why's and dream goals. Now we place that into functional DōTerra ranks. The first major rank to master is ELITE. This means that you have a team overall volume of 3000. I am focusing on this rank as your first goal because Elite is a sturdy building block in which to create a foundation to move to your desired goals. It is the rank you will want to duplicate and help your builders achieve. I find that once you hit Elite, you tend to be able to fly on your own with more grace and a greater understanding of the business. This rank can take a month to a year or more. It depends on you. I am of course, here to help you along the way!  The following documents and guides are set to help you officially launch your business and rocket you to Elite! We will go step by step through the guide so you are comfortable with moving forward.  

Launch Agenda
Launch Guide
Elite Monthly Planner 

Step 2: INVITE

Remember that name of 100? Who can you invite. **More coming soon


There are a variety of ways to teach a class, lots of themes and you can add your flavour to it in a way that suits you. This following link goes to a 33 min video where Elena goes through her basic class. She keeps it short simple and very effective. Watch it! Click here to access the video. Password: team  

Tools: Finding the paper work and tools is made easy on the DōTerra Canada Tools webpage. They have links to all the information you need.


The best way to start teaching is using the class in a box. It is a perfectly cookie cutter way to get started. You can order the hard copy of class-in-a-box from your back office. It comes with 10 handouts, price & kits lists, sign up forms, living magazines, invitations and the best part 10 x 5mL Wild orange samples. It's really worth the price.
You can also access the PDF of all the paperwork here on the Canada tools page so you can simply print it when needed. 

Video example of teaching class in a box
Themed class ideas
Inviting people
Enrolling People & Membership overview
Following up / Customer service