Move from Stressed to Rested

Being a mother is stunningly beautiful and…honestly, down right hard.

  • There are the obvious challenges to consider; your kids take priority with scheduling, changes in sleep patterns, always having someone dependant on you. There are no parent days off.

  • And there are the not so obvious challenges; connecting to this new version of you, stress/worry over another human who depends on you and how you need to show up for them, different dynamics within your relationships, a new physical body, creating boundaries for yourself.

Navigating the highs and lows of motherhood can feel confusing, draining, and stressful. Somedays it feels like everything is perfect, wrapped in love, and the next you are thrown so far from your grounded, peaceful self, that balance seems surely like a myth.

you need to know how to put your needs first. how to be a…

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  • Consistently honouring your self-care needs, without compromising your role as mother / leader of the family.

  • Catching and preventing your stress build up, before, it explodes.

  • Knowing the perfect things to do to feel calmer and self-connected in the face of any stress - Yours or theirs.

  • Seamlessly slipping in bits of rejuvenating ‘me-time’ amongst being a mom.

  • Feeling more focused, present and calm with yourself and your family.

  • Teaching your children how to self-care through leading by example.

  • Being connected to who you are outside of all the ‘hats’ you wear.

  • Having a village of like-minded women to support.


Even as an expert in wellness, I struggled with my self-care when I became a mom.

Although I gained a whole new bright and beautiful part of me, I lost my ability to put myself first. I kept giving from an empty cup. Soon there wasn’t anything left for me and I felt drained, a stranger to myself.

On the outside my family was perfect. Honestly, I even I fooled myself into thinking I had everything under control.
But I didn’t.

I had been avoiding the fundamentals that nourished my wellbeing. That helped me be cared for. As a result, my relationship became strained, my daughter ran the show and I felt lost, disconnected, to who I was at my core.


I had wanted someone else to save me. To do the work for me. I had to mother all day, I don’t want to do anything else! Finally I made the choice to empower myself. I began diligently integrating the tools and practices I work with as a yoga therapist. Finding what works best with the demands of motherhood, though personal experience and clients. It needed to be quick, easy and effective.

Of course, IT WORKED!

Now you get to reap the rewards, and empower yourself, as I guide you through this amazing creation.


from hectic to harmony

Welcome to paradise! The adjoining map represents the tools and practices learned in the Rested Mama Program. Each of the beautiful sites on this map could stand alone as a treasured tool to aid in uplifting your wellbeing.

Together, they are an interconnected system of self-care. Each section nourishing the next, creating a sustainable ecosystem you can rely on to support your needs.

Throughout the program you are guided to cultivate each area of wellbeing step by step. This journey allows you to embody quick, simple and effective practices to build your foundation of self-care. At the end you will have your own personalized sustainable, self-care ecosystem, containing solid tools and practices for all your stress occasions.

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Each module supports the other. You experience each section, gather your wisdom, and by the end of our time together, you will have created your personalized relaxation plan. Whether you are in need of emergency stress response, or preventative habits, this program sets up the perfect foundation for feeling cool, calm and connected.



We begin with getting clear on our personal visions of what being a rested mama looks and feels like.

  • A video lesson on how to create a powerful affirmation and success script. Why this is so important.

  • A guidebook with prompts and aids to help you write your affirmation and success script.


To move forward with releasing stress in our our lives, we first need to understand how stress affects the us and all of the sneaky ways it is showing up…even when you think it’s not there.

  • An informative, accessible video lesson on stress and the nervous system.

  • A guided meditation to help observe how stress affects you.

  • A guidebook with prompts to document your findings. (1).jpg


The juiciest of lessons, we learn how to harness the power of our cycles, from sleep, menstruation, the moon and seasons. Taking this information and applying it to our self-care helps us predict what type of self-care and actions are best for us to take.

  • There are three separate video lessons on sleep, cyclical living and the daily self-care cycle.

  • A guidebook to integrate the knowledge with self-care tools for a personalized plan.

  • A fun energy tracker to help you get to know your fluctuations over time.


If you want to feel vibrant, it starts from the inside out. This lesson gives you the tools to become aware of how your mind and body are dictating / reacting to the foods you eat.

  • A video lesson on how different foods react in our system and information on supportive supplements.

  • A guidebook to implement and log our discoveries. (1).jpg


Essential oils are potent and effective natural medicine. There is an oil for just about everything and they work wonders for helping us be rested, emotionally balanced and at ease.

  • Video on Essential oils for sleep & Stress

  • Guidebook to help you choose the perfect essential oils for your needs. (2).jpg


The most physically delicious part of the program. Go from A-Zen through self massage using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls. Mental and emotions tension can get stored in the physical body. We knead out what doesn’t serve us.

  • Videos to follow along when massaging with just your hands or the key elements on your body.

  • Guidebook and tracker to keep accountable for your massage bliss. (3).jpg


The breath is the bridge between the body and mind. Although we don’t have to think about breathing, when we do, we discover how empowering it is to guide us into a relaxed state, whenever we desire.

  • Video introduction on why breath practices are fundamental in your wellbeing

  • Guidebook to track how each practice works for you.

  • Five guided breathing meditation practices (1).jpg


We all know exercise does a body, and mind, good. Rested Mama approaches movement in a therapeutic way. Focusing on how it helps to relax the body and release stress. We take the movement outside of the gym so you can integrate it easily.

  • Video introduction to movement.

  • The Move guidebook.

  • Movement practices; Restorative yoga, therapeutic hips, shoulders and one minute movements.


Here we connect all the pieces we have learned together and create our relaxation plans. It’s beautiful to see the knowledge you gain come to life, simply, easily. The plan you create is adaptable and perfect for YOU. Now matter what the situation or stress, you will understand exactly how to work with it, pro-actively, preventatively and in times of needs.

  • Video lesson

  • Step by step guide with an overview of how the content is relevant to your needs and a prompts to help you create your plan.

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Rested Mama is not a race. This unique participant centred coaching program encourages you to go at the pace YOU need.

I have broken down the core content into chunks of approximately 15 minutes or less. As your guide, I drip out suggested approaches over 12 weeks. I build in ‘white space' weeks’ to let you feel permission to rest.

You have immediate, lifetime access to the lessons. So there’s no hurry! While we are moving through the live portion of the program, I am right there with you, diving deeper into the topics, interests and issues dictated by you and rest the rested mama members.

Rested mama is helping you create your self-care habits and practices sustainably, so they stay with you over your lifetime.


This is more than just a program, it’s a Self-care transformation.

When you join Rested Mama, you commit to:

  • Showing up for yourself and your needs,

  • Empowering your health & wellbeing through self-care,

  • Connecting to a deeper part of yourself,

  • Rejuvenation and creating a more harmonious life,

  • Receiving the support and guidance you desire.


So, how does it all work?


  • You receive immediate access to all of the core content, a.k.a, the lessons. This means you can start right away if you wish.

  • I will then contact you directly to get acquainted, share the schedule, set up our included private sessions, invite you to the exclusive community group AND get your mailing address so I can mail you the Rested Mama Manual and Nourishing kit. I love mail!!

  • The next program officially begins NOVEMBER 4th, 2018. This means that all of the women signed up for this session will begin to receive weekly emails with suggested ways to digest the content and ‘white space’ weeks.

  • Our journey together is spanned over 12 - 16 weeks (need time to break for the holidays!). During this time you have full support from me including LIVE online sessions. I love to get involved, and get to encourage you through the journey.

  • Once a Rested Mama, you have continual access to the core content, and with every group, you can continue to participate in the live sessions if desired. This is a program that integrated into your life, step by step, so every time I host a new Rested Mama group, you are sure to go deeper into the work and learn something new.

Jennifer talks a lot about finding joy in the moment that you are in. Before the program, running around with the kids I wasn’t finding much joy in the moment. To be honest, I was angry most of the time, mostly at the kids, for no reason. Hearing Jennifer talk about finding the joy and different ways to address situations helped me out a lot. I could look at situations, like when my kids moving like snails, knowing that I can’t really control this situation, so I’ll just roll with it. Rolling with anything isn’t really a skill I possess, but just thinking about the program and her different way to handle things gave me some empowerment to try things differently, which seems silly, but worked! I am eternally grateful for that tidbit of advice, among many of the things I pulled out of the program.
— Kelly
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It’s like I have finally received the ability to give myself permission to rest when I feel like I need it.
I just finished the lesson on cycles, and I’m tearing up because every woman needs to learn this. I only began to pay attention to my cycles when I was trying to get pregnant, because well, you need to know when you are fertile. But never have I thought of using the knowledge of my cycle in this way. You have opened up my world! I am so excited to have discovered this huge piece of the puzzle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Amanda G
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I joined to change my mindset. It’s helped. I feel connected to the community of women seeking wellness. It is so uplifting and feels less lonely! The video on the sleep cycle was my favourite because I was having trouble sleeping. Thank you so much Jen for all the love and care you are sharing with us. I’m very grateful!
— Esther
I have found the first lessons so helpful. I am tracking my cycles more closely then I ever have, which is so helpful and feels like a real gift. I feel this knowledge is deepening my understanding of how to meet/honour my own needs and I’m grateful. The program has given me some very well timed reminders, and I started using supplements again that are already lifting my energy in major ways. It is also lovely to hear from others in the group and I LOVED seeing those success scripts! I needed this!! Thank you
— Jodi
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When I was pregnant, a neighbour told me « sleep now because you’ll never sleep again! ». Hmm, ok, not cool lady. She wasn’t far from the truth but that’s before I met Jen and her Rested mama program. 

One thing you quickly learn as a parent is that rest is key. When your personal time takes a toll because of your parenting duties, you feel depleted, frustrated, tired.  I used to push myself to exhaustion to make the most out of my days but that’s not a sustainable rhythm...

Jen provided me so many helpful and accessible ways to feel recharged and prepared to welcome all the challenges and joys of parenting with more ease and peace!  The energy tracker is a great tool and cyclical living has been a true revelation...and I couldn’t live without yoga nidra. 

I absolutely love being in this program. Everything feels so right. I feel more focused, present, calm. I still have my ups and downs as everyone does but now my prevention and recovery skills are sharpened. 

It’s all foundational knowledge I feel I should have known forever and everyone should know! Slowly but surely integrating all these gems. Jen is an awesome loving caring and compassionate human and I am so lucky to have encountered her a few years ago. Participating in this program and allowing myself the time to go through the different modules is part of the best decisions I made in my life and I wish every mom could access this valuable knowledge! It’s a great gift to give yourself but also your family!!
— Catherine B, Lucky mom of Estelle
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As mothers its like we are these gold of heart mermaids who, while busy being Superheroes for our families, leave our own selves to dry out on a random sandy beach, not realizing that we are part of our own family and deserve saving, too!

The Rested Mama program reminds us of our own inherent value as human beings, that we are part of a greater community of other Mama Warriors, and propagates the idea that Wellness is not limited to a specific time and place, but is a mindset, a toolbox of creative and powerful habits and routines, and most practically, that Wellness is achievable 5 minutes at a time! So no matter where you are right now, whether you are already drying out or want to prevent yourself from drying out, a calm and peaceful ocean awaits you. You are worth it, so make time and make yourself effervescent once again!

Awaiting you are all kinds of delicious treats like self-massage pampering from all the muscle tensions of carrying baby, having an empathetic life coach and cheerleader who is a Mom who has been through what you are going through, and finally reconnecting with your body as your precious temple, your mind as your ultimate best friend, and your spirited ability to be an artist of your own emotions, transforming any negative thoughts or strong emotions into fuel for a lifelong promise of self-love, self-compassion, and thus, the path to being the most balanced and cherished version of beautifully complex, awe-inspiring, authentic Y-O-U! You are Not alone, you Can do this, and you can even Enjoy the Journey.
— Yan B, Mom and Music teacher

With this 3+ month, participant centred, online group coaching program, you receive thousands of dollars worth of content;

  • Lifetime access to Nine lessons in self-care. Complete with videos, audios, guidebooks and bonuses.

  • A one hour private, online, session with Jen

  • Six LIVE online group sessions,

  • Personalized essential oils consultation,

  • 55 page printed guidebook,

  • Rested Mama Nourishing Kit. Includes everything you need to get started; Journal, Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, Essential oils, bonus surprise ;-)

  • Weekly email guidance and accountability,

  • Exclusive facebook community group.

  40% OFF EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! Offer ends Oct 1st, 2018. Use Coupon Code: Iamrested

40% OFF EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! Offer ends Oct 1st, 2018. Use Coupon Code: Iamrested


Yes, this is an investment. And yes, it is worth it. YOU are worth it.

And if you are having trouble feeling your worth, or confused about how feeling empowered in your self-care could benefit you, think of your family. Your happiness, and vibrancy has a ripple affect that will uplift you all together.

If you would like to discuss your questions, and see if we are the right fit, I am happy to be available to you.

You can email, call 438-538-9558, or click the image to be taken to my scheduler for a 30 minute consultation.



Do I have to be a mom?

No, all women are busy and usually put themselves last. I simply want moms to know I’ve got their back, because I am a mom and have thought of each of them and what their different lives are like everyday since my daughter was born. How have we done this without our village?!

I’m really busy. How much times does this take? 

10-15 minutes,  3 x per week is my base recommendation.

How does it work?

You sign up and get access to the entire core content right away. Over 3 months, you will receive 12 weekly emails guiding you through the content and giving you the basics of what I suggest. Our group coaching takes place in form of live streamed sessions with me. Yes, they are recorded if you can't make it live. In these sessions we dive deeper into content and questions naturally come up. These live sessions are guided by the you and the group to supported with what your needs are. I am there for gentle accountability. Yes it's over 12 weeks, but you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You need to honour your pace, otherwise stressing over it and trying to ‘get it done’ defeats the purpose of the whole course! 

What kind of support can i receive? 

This is a participant centred program. I have all the core content ready for you, and from there your questions and needs allows us to go deeper into the work. I host live sessions in the online program for the coaching aspect, adding understanding, digesting of content and personal guidance. You have access to me directly for questions and aid, plus you will connect with other women who are in your similar situation, which always feels supportive. I also have a little surprise you get to open in the mail ;-) 

When does it start? 

You can start with the core content once you receive access. We officially begin together as a group NOVEMEBER 4th, 2018.

Do you have a payment plan? 

Yes! You can make 4 monthly payments of $299.

Can I try it first?

Yes! Try the first lesson FREE and learn to create the mindset of a rested mama. Click here to access.