How to be a Rested Mama

Welcome to lesson 1 of the Nourished Mama course! I am so excited for the beautiful shifts in your life that come with this knowledge. The lessons are compact and abundant. To keep you organized, I have created a Nourished Mama Action Book to print and check off each lesson and action step once they have been completed. I have even included a confidence scale so you can keep track of what areas you feel self-reliant or where / how you are going to follow up for more help. This is meant to be as easy and smooth for you as possible! You will receive an email once a week over the next month so you have time to learn and try implementing the content. This isn't a race! Take your time with each lesson so you allow time to digest and integrate the knowledge. Print the Nourished Mama Action Book below. Happy Learning!


Being rested is the best way to nurture your self-care as a mom. It is also one of the hardest! Sleep is an obvious lack in most mothers lives. Even when your child sleeps through the night, there are still many reasons that your sleep can continue to be interrupted. For you to function on even the most basic level you need to find ways to restore beyond sleeping hours. Lucky for you, I have a solution!

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Read the Rested Mama Tool Kit
  • Complete the action steps.
 Click the image to access the Rested Mama Tool Kit

Click the image to access the Rested Mama Tool Kit

Action STEPS

  • Set an intention to feel rested. Write down & repeat to yourself, "I feel refreshed and vibrant". 
  • Watch the 10 minute restorative yoga video to learn my favourite restorative yoga posture. It's delicious!!
  • Listen to the 10 minute recording below to be guided through a relaxation breath. *Be patient, some times it takes a few moments to load. 
  • Once you are comfortable on your own, take 5-15 minutes a day to do relaxation breath in the restorative yoga pose. It's great for the afternoon, in lieu of a nap, have your baby rest on your front while doing it, do it in the middle of the night when you can't fall back asleep. Any time you need a moments rest, or to de-stress this is your go-to sequence! 
  • BONUS: Use an essential oils diffuser with a few drops of lavender, or cedarwood in it. 

To enjoy accountability, keep learning and be supported in your wellness journey join my Facebook community group! It's also a wonderful place to share how you doing with becoming a nourished mama.

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