There is nothing quite as challenging as living with sleep deprivation.

With this nighttime solution you no longer have to keep looking at the clock and fretting about having to get up and start your day in a few hours. Instead, you can feel at ease that you are bringing your body into a restorative state of being. Follow the steps listed below and start you will start to notice the results.

1. Take care of the dark

Most of what a mama is doing in the middle of this night is tending to child(ren). Whether you have a baby or even an older child, sleep can be interrupted. The more you can keep the lights dimmed down low, the better. When the moon is fuller keep some of the curtains open so you don't even need a night light or over head lights that are dimmed to their lowest. We want to remind the body that it is night time and keep ourselves prepped for sleep. 

2. Restful association

Essential oils can have a calming effect on the nervous system. Over time, when using an essential oil which promotes a higher quality of sleep, your body begins a healthy association to that aroma and sleep. This combination makes essential oils the perfect companion to sleep deprivation. After you have taken care of business in the dark, or even during if you need to be present for a longer period of time, roll on topically or begin diffusing, an essential oil of your choice. There are so many essential oils you could choose from. I have listed three possible suggestions below:

  • Lavender diluted with fractionated coconut oil (or other vegetable oil) in a roller bottle makes easy night time application. *see image on the left
  • Cedarwood. The woodsy scent promotes relaxation of the body and mind
  • Roman Chamomile. We all know chamomile tea is a lovely way to invoke relaxation. Considering essential oils are 50-70% more powerful than herbs, one drop of this diluted and placed topically on your feet will help set the stage or rest. 

You can contact me to consult, try or buy dōTerra essential oils to help you with sleep. 

3. calming the mind

Whether you are needing to calm a child, or work your way into rest I have two solutions for you. If you need to create more calm in your child, or fall back asleep easily, begin by using this relaxation breath technique. 

  • Imagine a ballon inflating and deflating in your lower abdomen
  • Begin to elongate your exhalations in comparison to your inhalations
  • Continue to elongate the exhalations with the intention of doubling their length in comparison to the inhalations
  • Use the 10 minute guided breath practice included below to enjoy and learn.

To go deeper into restoring actual sleep, look no further than yoga nidra. This guided meditation takes you systematically though the body, allowing for you to move into a dynamic sleep state where your mind is calm yet alert, and your body is resting. Though I will say most of the time I can also fall into real sleep too, lol! Some people say 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 2 hours worth of sleep. What I know is it works. Anytime I am awake I immediately put on my yoga nidra, so whether or not I fall back asleep easily, I know I am getting the restoration I need. Download and try the 20 minute version I have for you below. 

Now you have the tools - if you don't have essential oils contact me so you can consult, try a sample or purchase them - time to put them into practice. 

Step 1: Keep it in the dark
Step 2: Apply topically or diffuse essential oils of your choice
Step 3: Use the relaxation breath throughout your awake time
Step 4: To move into deeper restoration listen to a yoga nidra. *Feeding your baby at night take awhile? Listen to a yoga nidra at the same time

Download and print your Night Time Solutions Steps by clicking the image below 

 Download your night time sleep solution steps here

Download your night time sleep solution steps here


Want to move further into becoming a rested mama? Check out the complete 12 week Rested Mama program here