how to be a strong mama

A strong mama needs to put her self-care first. If you don't take the time for you then you will not be able to sustain the care you generously give to your family. Attention to our physical bodies is what will help you lead a quality, pain free, active 'running after the kids and enjoying it' kind of life. Getting out of the house to exercise, or even staying in the house to exercise just doesn't always work. Well, it's another lucky day for you because I have an integrated movement solution! 

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Read the Strong Mama Tool Kit
  • Complete the action steps
Click the image to access the Strong Mama Tool Kit

Click the image to access the Strong Mama Tool Kit

Action steps

  • Set an intention that makes you feel like a strong mama and write & repeat the affirmation, "I am strong, my body is beautiful".
  • BONUS: Diffuse an uplifting essential oil in your home, such as Lemon, or Motivate (Encouraging Blend). 
  • Watch the 2 minute video below on how to hold your baby pain free. It will walk you through how to find your optimal alignment and carry things like your baby at the same time. Who needs a gym when you have gravity and a cute weight at home!
  • Watch the following 2 minute video on how to squat. Use this action to pick up your child(ren), toys off the floor, getting laundry out of the dryer, whenever you need to crouch down to put on little shoes, look your kid in the face or anything that requires you to bend!  Remember to keep your back straight and use your legs as you lift your cute objects up in the air. Start squatting as your regular movement action and you will be surprised how many squats you do in a day! I clocked 50 the other day without trying...just sayin' :-)
  • As a mom, we have a great advantage, we always need to get up to do something! Every time you need to get up and move around, celebrate! The more physical movement you have in your life the better. If you are back at work or finding yourself sitting often, the set a timer for a minimum of every hour to stand up and stretch.
  • The best way to be a strong mama is to keep checking in with your physical alignment, using intelligent movement like the squat to do perform your regular tasks and keep active with movement generally. No extra time required and you will start to see feel results! 

To enjoy accountability, keep learning and be supported in your wellness journey join my Facebook community group! It's also a wonderful place to share how you doing with becoming a nourished mama.