You change what you track

On a daily basis we question why our moods and energy feel a certain way. We desire to rid ourselves of the roller coaster and feel balance once and for all. The reality is, there will always be ups and downs because life flows through cycles.

Tracking certain areas of your life can help you begin to gain an understanding of your predictable cycle flow.

The tracker in action

The tracker in action

Understanding when you are naturally at your highest energy peak and calmest mood, vs your lowest, you can plan ahead to ask for support and mindfully implement specific self-care practices to empower your journey throughout all the inevitable ups and downs.

The first action step you need to take is start tracking. It only take a few minutes and gives you so much useful data you can use towards creating the change you want to feel.

How do I start?

Purchase the energy and mood tracker. It’s only $5. Start tracking.

What you receive:

  • Printable energy & mood tracker download you can personalize and use over and over again. Includes space for daily/monthly tracking of your:

    • Moods (am & pm)

    • Sleep hour/quality

    • Energy level

    • Moon cycle

    • menstruation cycle

    • Bonus: space for intention setting

  • Video lesson on how to use the tracker

  • Tips on what to do with the valuable tracked information once you have it.

Cost: ONLY $5 CDN!!