Welcome to Vibrance!  

Living vibrantly comes down to the little things you do for yourself. The more you nourish your self-care the more you will create a positive impact on your life, for your loved ones and the world at large. Wellness starts here, with you! 

The information you will receive and practices you will implement, are key to managing stress and living vibrantly. They are simple in theory, and powerful in practice. This introductory program is based upon my 3 pillars of wellness:

  • MOVE,

What you are about to learn is focused on the subtle ways we are able to build a strong foundation of well-being. No matter what is happening in your life these are tools can be used anytime, anywhere, again and again. 

I want you to be able to easily understand and integrate these wellness techniques into your life. Each pillar has a short video, PDF with an explanation, exercises to implement and a bonus element. The whole process is compact to honour your time and show you how easy upgrading your wellness can be. You have 1 day to learn about the pillar and the next day to implement. This is done on purpose because practice is the only way you will revolutionize your well-being

Remember, you are not alone in this process! I would love to hear how this program is creating vibrance in your life and any questions or other comments you may have along the way. I recommend joining my facebook community group, which I am active in daily, or reach me at jen@jenwende.com. 

Enjoy the journey!



It's time to access your Wellness Starter kit! Start by watching the video, then move to reading the PDF. Scroll down for easy access to today's exercise and bonus!

 Click the image to access today's PDF on stress.

Click the image to access today's PDF on stress.



  • Find a notebook which makes you feel great and want to write your wellness notes in.
  • Write down how you are feeling today physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Write down what stressors are currently present in your life (big or small). • Continue this exercise daily throughout the program. 


Explore how stress feels in your body by listening to this 10 minute audio meditation. 

*Share your experience, ask questions and receive support in the facebook community group!