Hi! I’m Jen Wende

I have a lot of titles. If you would like to know about my professional training then please click here to be taken to my official bio. It’s impressive. If you are more into the foundation underneath the titles, then stay here and keep reading.


  • Every mother should understand how to nourish her needs first so they have energy and self-love to navigate the needs of family, work and everything else.

  • Nature is brilliant and essential oils are it's stunning medicine.

  • It takes time and personal responsibility to make lasting transformation happen.

  • We all need to play more!

Jen Wende Wellness Specialist


  • I am a mom. a.k.a. super hero. My super powers are, holding emotional space (empathy), organization and patience.

  • I have travelled a lot. I am curious, adaptable, and incredibly intuitive.

  • I was a puppeteer. Playfulness helps me create a nourishing, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

  • I practice what I teach. I have changed my life in ways I never imagined by implementing what I learn. I’m not perfect, like all of us, I’m a work in progress. The continual practice is what keeps me thriving.

  • To read my Road to Becoming Wellness Specialist, click here.